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Environmental & GIS Services

Oil Spill Response & Crisis Management:
Real-time Oil Distribution, Quantity & Trajectory Mapping
SCAT and NRDA Field Team Support
Oil Recovery& Response Resource Allocation Support
Land-based Oil & Chemical Spill Mapping

Natural Resource Monitoring:

Kelp & Eel Grass Mapping
Intertidal & Subtidal Substrate Mapping
Sediment Fate & Transport
Wetland Mapping

SeaView: Fisheries Support Services

Environmental Analysis:
Wetland Restoration Planning & Monitoring
Water Quality & Runoff Monitoring
Change Detection
Thermal Discharge Tracking
Dredging & Disposal Monitoring
Environmental Impact Assessments

Resource Management & Litigation Support:
Environmental Damage Assessments
Expert Witness Testimony
Restoration Progress Assessments
Annual Natural Resource Surveys

Geodatabase Design & Creation
GIS System Maintenance for Emergency Response
Spatial Analysis
Spatial Visualization

Grant Funded Research & Development


OI News:


  html link04 November 2016:
Ocean Imaging's latest peer-reviewed scientific paper: Characterization of surface oil thickness distribution patterns observed during the Deepwater Horizon

  OI TRACS Mounted on Helicopter

  html link22 July 2016:
NOAA Partners with OI to Advance Oil Spill Remote Sensing

  OceanNewsCover   html linkOcean News & Technology January 2014 (108kb):
MSRC inks remote sensing contract with Ocean Imaging


  html link 27 Mar 2013
OI Founder Jan Svejkovsky Wins Multiple Awards for Scientific Paper


  html link 12 Nov 2012
OI teams with BP to Develop Next Generation Aerial Oil Spill Mapping System


  html linkPE&RS October 2012 Cover Article (4MB):
"Operational Utilization of Aerial Multispectral Remote Sensing during Oil Spill Response: Lessons Learned During the Deepwater Horizon (MC-252) Spill" by Jan Svejkovsky, William Lehr, Judd Muskat, George Graettinger, and Joseph Mullin

html linkPE&RS October 2012 Highlight Article (2MB):
"Expanding the Utility of Remote Sensing Data for Oil Spill Response"
by Jan Svejkovsky and Mark Hess


  html link 07 Jan 2011
OI's Oil-Spill Analysis Capabilities Featured in the San Diego Union Tribune

html link 08 Aug 2010
OI Maps Oregon's Kelp Resources


  html link 05 Aug 2010
OI's Oil-Spill Response Demonstration Featured in Alaska's "Arctic Sounder"

    html link 19 May 2010
OI Participates in Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response

    html link 08 Aug 2010
OI Receives U.S. Dept. of Interior's "Partners in Conservation" Award

    html link 01 Mar 2010
OI Awarded Sea Grant Funds to Map "Marine Protected Areas"

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