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“Aerial remote sensing of sub-sea dispersant injection effects during the Deepwater Horizon (MC-252) oil spill.” Marine Pollution Bulletin 191 (2023) 114958.

"Satellite Image-Based Time Series Observations of Vegetation Response to Hurricane Irma in the Lower Florida Keys"

"Characterization of surface oil thickness distribution patterns observed during the Deepwater Horizon (MC-252) oil spill with aerial and satellite remote sensing."

“Operational Utilization of Aerial Multispectral Remote Sensing during Oil Spill Response: Lessons Learned During the Deepwater Horizon (MC-252) Spill,” PE&RS, 78(10): 1089-1102

Subsea Oil and Gas, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2011: "Aerial mapping of oil spill distributions, thickness patterns and weathering state."

SeaTechnology: "Adding a Multispectral Aerial System to the Oil Spill Response Arsenal"

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