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Dredging & Disposal

Location: San Dieguito Lagoon, CA
Date: 2002

This image shows result of artificial opening of a Southern California Lagoon. The input of fresh water into many such lagoons has been reduced due to surrounding urbanization, resulting in less outflow and the build-up of sand at the opening. The lack of tidal flushing leads to stagnation in the lagoon, reduced oxygen levels and mass mortality of its fish and invertebrates. In this case we used our aerial DMSC sensor to document the shorelong spread of lagoon water after its opening. The DMSC's channels were configured to image in wavelengths most suited for detection of the lagoon plume. Several flights during the day yielded an image time series which was then correlated to field measurements of salinity, bacteria concentrations and the trajectories of drifters released at the lagoon mouth. This information helps in the construction of hydrodynamic and shoreline impact models, and wetland management policies.

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