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Environmental & GIS Services

Oil Spill Response & Crisis Management:
Real-time Oil Distribution, Quantity & Trajectory Mapping
SCAT and NRDA Field Team Support
Oil Recovery& Response Resource Allocation Support
Land-based Oil & Chemical Spill Mapping

Natural Resource Monitoring:

Kelp & Eel Grass Mapping
Intertidal & Subtidal Substrate Mapping
Sediment Fate & Transport
Wetland Mapping

SeaView: Fisheries Support Services

Environmental Analysis:
Wetland Restoration Planning & Monitoring
Water Quality & Runoff Monitoring
Change Detection
Thermal Discharge Tracking
Dredging & Disposal Monitoring
Environmental Impact Assessments

Resource Management & Litigation Support:
Environmental Damage Assessments
Expert Witness Testimony
Restoration Progress Assessments
Annual Natural Resource Surveys

Geodatabase Design & Creation
GIS System Maintenance for Emergency Response
Spatial Analysis
Spatial Visualization

Grant Funded Research & Development


Fisheries Support Services:

Click here to access the SeaViewFishing.com website

Since 1983 Ocean Imaging's worldwide fish finding services have provided customers with ready-to-use analysis products, saving them fuel, time and money while helping better manage their operation. Our time-tested SeaView Sport© and SeaView Pro© Commercial services bring state-of-the-art oceanographic and weather data straight to your home, office or boat PC. This affordable service is now used with great success by fishing fleets and scientists worldwide.

To find fish from space we utilize only the most sophisticated and high-resolution satellite data which are processed minutes after acquisition. Our powerful SeaView© software then lets you combine the very latest oceanographic data such as SST, plankton levels, ocean currents, sea surface height, ocean currents and weather information with your fishing expertise to make better decisions while at sea. We also offer high-quality data composite and cloud-free imagery to virtually eliminate the problem of cloud cover - that means you are never without the latest information.

Our vast fisheries support expertise, timely, pinpoint accuracy image products and SeaView make us the leader in fisheries support world-wide. No other service offers the variety of oceanographic data products, updated up to 4-8 times per day and the functionality of SeaView© - all for a very affordable price! Whether you are a serious recreational angler looking for the best environmental information, or a commercial fishing operation in need of a reliable, accurate oceanographic tool-kit, Ocean Imaging's fishing support services are the right choice.