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Environmental & GIS Services

Oil Spill Response & Crisis Management:
Real-time Oil Distribution, Quantity & Trajectory Mapping
SCAT and NRDA Field Team Support
Oil Recovery& Response Resource Allocation Support
Land-based Oil & Chemical Spill Mapping

Natural Resource Monitoring:

Kelp & Eel Grass Mapping
Intertidal & Subtidal Substrate Mapping
Sediment Fate & Transport
Wetland Mapping

SeaView: Fisheries Support Services

Environmental Analysis:
Wetland Restoration Planning & Monitoring
Water Quality & Runoff Monitoring
Change Detection
Thermal Discharge Tracking
Dredging & Disposal Monitoring
Environmental Impact Assessments

Resource Management & Litigation Support:
Environmental Damage Assessments
Expert Witness Testimony
Restoration Progress Assessments
Annual Natural Resource Surveys

Geodatabase Design & Creation
GIS System Maintenance for Emergency Response
Spatial Analysis
Spatial Visualization

Grant Funded Research & Development


Resource Management & Litigation Support

Environmental Damage Assessments
Ocean Imaging’s expertise of providing remote-sensing-based assessments of damage caused by natural or anthropogenic events span from oil and chemical spill effects to studies of water pollution sources and patterns.  We work closely with other teams involved in the assessments to combine and integrate our remotely-sensed results with field-derived observations and measurements.

Environmental Damage Assessment: Tijuana River Plume, Mexico
Damage Assessment: Mission Bay Discharge

Environmental Damage Assessment: Tijuana River Plume, Mexico

Environmental Damage Assessment: Mission Bay Discharge, San Diego, CA

Expert Witness Testimony
Our staff has served as Expert Witness (both plaintiff and defendant) in cases involving oil spills, sewage discharge and water quality changes.  In some cases we used our own aerial instruments to acquire data for analysis and testimony.  We have also provided data and analyses to aid environmental damage-related settlements.

Expert Witness Testimony: Prestige Hearing
Expert Witness: F/V Prestige Case

Restoration Progress Assessments
We are involved in the long-term monitoring of several  wetland restoration efforts.  Our initial work involved the delineation of native and invasive species and percent bare soil coverage. The data were used to plan the restoration activities.  Subsequently, we regularly monitor the progress of revegetating of newly planted areas, the formation and change in tidal channels, etc.


Restoration Progress Assessments: San Dieguito Lagoon, CA
Change Detection: Leviathon Creek Mine

Restoration Progress:San Dieguito Lagoon

Restoration Progress: Former Sulfer Mining Site


Annual Natural Resource Surveys

Ocean Imaging’s aerial multispectral imaging is being used by state and federal agencies to provide annual assessments of managed resources such as kelp beds and eel grass distributions.  We are also involved in the establishment of baseline natural resource data bases related to the creation of coastal Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Annual Natural Resource Surveys: Palos Verdes Kelp
Annual Natural Resource Survey: Wetland Habitat
Natural Resource Survey: Kelp Bed