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Environmental & GIS Services

Oil Spill Response & Crisis Management:
Real-time Oil Distribution, Quantity & Trajectory Mapping
SCAT and NRDA Field Team Support
Oil Recovery& Response Resource Allocation Support
Land-based Oil & Chemical Spill Mapping

Natural Resource Monitoring:

Kelp & Eel Grass Mapping
Intertidal & Subtidal Substrate Mapping
Sediment Fate & Transport
Wetland Mapping

SeaView: Fisheries Support Services

Environmental Analysis:
Wetland Restoration Planning & Monitoring
Water Quality & Runoff Monitoring
Change Detection
Thermal Discharge Tracking
Dredging & Disposal Monitoring
Environmental Impact Assessments

Resource Management & Litigation Support:
Environmental Damage Assessments
Expert Witness Testimony
Restoration Progress Assessments
Annual Natural Resource Surveys

Geodatabase Design & Creation
GIS System Maintenance for Emergency Response
Spatial Analysis
Spatial Visualization

Grant Funded Research & Development




Natural Resource Monitoring

Kelp and Eel Grass Mapping
Our past and on-going projects include annual kelp and eel grass surveys for the State of California, the Navy and the National Estuary Program. We also mapped eel grass in several lagoons in Mexico as part of evaluating changes in waterfowl overwintering habitats. We have also conducted research on developing algorithms to derive actual kelp biomass from aerial multispectral imagery and are presently using the technology for estimates in Alaska and Oregon. Additional research through NASA funding resulted in the first-ever worldwide map of kelp forests derived from satellite imagery.

Eel Grass Mapping: San Quintin, Mexico
Kelp Mapping: Central CA
Kelp Mapping: Keku Straight AK
Kelp Persistence: La Jolla, CA
Eel Grass Mapping:
San Quintin, Mexico
Kelp Mapping: Central CA Coast
Kelp Mapping: Keku Straight, Pt. Baker, AK
Kelp Persistence Map: La Jolla, CA
Kelp Biomass Index:      
Kelp Biomass Index:      

Intertidal & Subtidal Substrate Mapping
The ability to configure our aerial multispectral imagers’ channels with specific wavelength combinations allows us to maximize water penetration while still providing multispectral reflectance characteristics that allow the identification and separation of various bottom substrates.  In some projects our image data are combined with multibeam sonar or LIDAR data sets to provide both bathymetry and bottom substrate type information. Our inter/subtidal data bases serve various applications such as research, resource management and coastal construction permitting.

Intertidal Substrate: Santa Barbara Island CA
Intertidal Habitat Mapping: Morro Bay CA
Bottom Substrate Mapping:
San Diego CA
Bottom Substrate Mapping:
Santa Barbara Island CA
Intertidal Habitat Mapping: Morro Bay CA

Sediment Fate and Transport
We have developed various algorithms to track and quantify suspended sediment loads from aerial and satellite imagery. Application of our analyses include water quality monitoring, beach sand replenishment feasibility studies, and identification of regional point and non-point source discharge sources affecting coastal ecosystems.

Sediment Fate: Huntington Beach, CA
Sediment Fate: Tijuana, Mexico
Sediment Fate Plume Labeling: Tijuana Mexico
Sediment Fate: Rhodamine Dye Use - Huntington Beach, CA
Sediment Fate: Tijuana, Mexico
Sediment Fate Plume Labeling: Tijuana, Mexico


Wetland Mapping
Ocean Imaging has a long history of mapping marshes and wetlands, in many cases down to individual plant species with 25-30cm resolution aerial imagery.  We have particular expertise in providing initial data delineating native and non-native species for restoration planning, and monitoring the various restoration phases and long-term progress. We have also mapped and assessed damage to wetland areas following such events as oil spills and hurricanes.

Wetland Mapping: Carpinteria Estuary, CA
Wetland Mapping: San Quentin, Mexico

Wetland Mapping: Carpinteria Estuary, CA

Wetland Mapping: NDVI Change
Wetland Mapping: San Quentin Lagoon, Mexico